Before the infamous 9/11 terror attack on WTC in the US, it is alleged that Osama bin Laden personally penned a letter to the suicide bombers. The letter was later made public by the F.B.I and translated for The New York Times. That letter was explaining in details how the evil operation was supposed to go down but most importantly, it was meant to motivate the bombers.

Osama and I have nothing in common because what I have spent most of my life doing is exactly opposite of what he stood, ‘fought’ and eventually died for. However, there was something written in that letter that caught my attention. He wrote ” FEAR IS A GREAT WORSHIP… WE DO NOT OFFER SUCH WORSHIP EXCEPT FOR THE ONE GOD”

When I was younger and with lesser responsibilities, I feared less; I had people who would fear for me. As I grew older, more responsibilities meant more caution and fear became inevitable. The great BOB MARLEY in NO WOMAN NO CRY said MY FEAR IS MY ONLY COURAGE, that statement makes more and more sense each day of my life.

I know it is not my life alone. Each day we are faced with fearful things, situations, relationships, people and occasions. You fear for tomorrow, fear about your future, fear you might lose your job, fear your business is going down, fear your landlord, fear for your health and your loved ones. Fear is simply inevitable. But did you know that those things you fear most or for, you in some kinda way worshipping them? Funny that the bible mentions FEAR NOT 365 times, each FEAR NOT daily (Considering the year also has 365 days). God knew where He was bringing human beings was full of fear, if you read the first chapter of Genesis the Bible says the world was formless, void; and DARKNESS was upon the face of the deep. However, He commands us, FEAR NOT. Do not WORSHIP your FEARFUL situation from today, just heed His command He who FEARFULLY created you.

Yours truly,